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Daniel Shuart – Public Speaking Engagements for February, March and April 2020

Daniel Shuart Public Speaking

Speaker Topics

“Dan is a great speaker, he creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere. He engaged all of us in the room”
– Alison, BBB

Dan Shuart is a Digital Strategy Consultant and founder of PerosnifiSolutions. He is also Co-founder and acting CEO for Global Straticom, a technology company specializing in workflow automation for the remote worker as well as an application that supports emergency response teams in victim-location during declared emergencies.


Because of his innovative work in analytics, Salesforce invited Dan to speak at their national convention. He also recently spoke at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) national convention regarding Natural Language Processing and AI to assist people with disabilities. He was a recent guest on Amazon’s AWS podcast, Amazon Webcast, and has been a contributor to the Amazon AWS technology blog.  He was also a recent guest on KFOR’s Rise and Shine talking about using simple analytics to increase sales revenue.  

He has keen insights into technology today and it’s future in business and in life. 

Dan has some interesting stories about his work with Amazon, his experience in Silicon Valley during the “Dot Com Boom”. His career has led him on some unusual consulting engagements such as teaching service dogs to use Alexa, training prisoners inside a state prison, to working with Air Traffic Controllers while in the control towers. 

Top Speaking Topics

Moneyball for Sales: Using real-time analytics to increase sales success, as they did in the movie!

AI and Machine Learning: The Far “Fetched” and the Practical

Technical: Why do we hate our CRM. The best way to implement or enhance CRM in your organization.

Applied: Using simple analytics to increase prospecting success

The Road(map) to Success: why creating Customer Journey Maps and Digital Roadmaps are critical to creating digital success.

Digital Transformation: What? Why?

The Business of Digital Business

Other or special topics centering around digital business and technology are available.