About Us

Founded in 1995, PersonifSolution has provided technology consulting services to small, medium and large growth companies. We have always strived to make sure that people are the focus and not technology, which is why we named our company PersonifiSoulutions. We focused on personalization long before it was a technology industry catchphrase.

Experts in Delivering Core Engagement Technologies 

CRM – We deliver CRM optimization and solution architecture services. CRM is not one-size-fits-all. Finding and tuning the appropriate CRM solution is key to customer engagement success. Also, we focus on organizational adoption and administration to ensure ROI and continued growth. We look deeper into CRM capabilities and way to fully leverage a CRM investment: 

  • Optimizes business processes and provides a 360-degree view of the customer 
  • Using CRM as a data integration and analytics platform 
  • Fills gaps in current processes 
  • Provides a community and collaboration platform 
  • Built-in mobile capabilities 
  • Focus on adoption and support 

MDM – Master Data Management, Data Maturity Model and Data Monetization – Companies that focus on leveraging their data assets significantly outperform their competition. We design and build platforms for Integrating all your data sources and providing the ability to extract opportunities from the data. The goal is to uncover revenue opportunities while maximizing the sales team’s effectiveness. 

AI and machine learning – enabling applications to learn, change, and predict patterns as they are exposed to new data.  AI is now built into many platforms and are providing real-time feedback and advice to companies and directly engaging with customers on a routine basis: 

  • Identify AI opportunities in customer engagement solutions 
  • Establish AI as part of the customer relationship landscape 
  • Optimize the use of existing integrated and stand-alone AI tools 
  • Applying AI in data analytics, which includes pattern recognition