We deliver digital strategy development, solution architecture, product and vendor selection, contract negotiation, and implementation consulting support.

45% greater success rate on technology efforts when you start by understanding your Customer Journey and then defining a Digital Roadmap.

3DI™ – Start with our unique 3-step approach to a successful Digital Initiative.

Digital Business Roadmap (DBR™) – our service combines business objectives with a digital strategy in an easily consumable format ready for execution.

The Customer Experience Journey Map – every digital strategy must be customer-centric. Customers determine your value. This process ensures a thorough understanding of your customers and ensures that it aligns with your Digital Business Roadmap.

Digital Solution Journey Guide – is a comprehensive guidebook or “playbook” to a successful digital business strategy implementation.

Using 3DI as the starting point, we offer these supporting services –

  • CRM planning
  • Data platform development, integration, and monetization
  • Data Analytics Business Applications
  • Digital Marketing and Sales integration
  • AI and Machine Learning adoption
  • Applied Analytics for Sales and Marketing performance
  • Customer Engagement Solutions
  • Patient Engagement

Digital Strategy Development

Is it time to stand back and take a fresh look from a customer perspective? Performing a Customer Experience Journey Map and aligning that with a digital assessment allows you to optimize your current solutions, retire ones that are underperforming, and implement more effective and up-to-date digital architecture to ultimately enhance your overall customer experience.

Customer Engagement Enhancement – Having a complete view of your customer’s experience and how they engage with your company. This is critical when implementing tools like CRM applications.

Other Services

  • Public Speaking
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Vendor selection
  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • EA Blueprinting and Process Mapping
  • vCIO/vCTO
  • Data Activation

What leaders are saying:

Ed Kelley

Ed Kelley


"Everything Dan is involved in will be done with integrity and class."

Dan Barth

Dan Barth


"Dan Shuart is an incredible person with the highest level of integrity and passion to serve the business, his employees, and customers."

Eddie Huesbsch

Eddie Huesbsch


"You went above and beyond to make our projects a success... truly appreciate your time and dedication."


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