Digital Strategy Roadmap Development

We have a specific process to capture strategy and develop designs that help drive initiatives throughout the organization:

Destination Determination – What are the desired results? We conduct interviews with key resources, stakeholders, and executive leadership to define quantifyable business outcomes and associated KPIs. By clearly defining the business destination first will guarentee proper alignment of ecah technology dimension.

Roadmap Dimensions – A detailed plan on how to reach the Destination. This is not a project plan but can be used to develop detailed initiatives. Each Dimension identifies the components needed to meet the business destinations. These can contain resource development, process improvements, and technology architecture requirements. Each Dimension can also include a Financial Overlay that calculates current and future ROI for each dimension.

Guideposts – what are the intermediary goals? Guideposts provide intermediary measurable business goals to help ensure that as each Dimension is executed, it is keeping aligned with the Destinations. These can signify earlier issues or provide insights into needed adjustments to the plan.

Technology Blueprint

Creating a digital strategy and understanding the current state of the technology landscape are foundational elements to identifying gaps and meeting business challenges as they arise.

Layered Blueprints – our blueprinting approach defines the details for all the layers needed for a comprehensive assessment. These could include, data, infrastructure, applications, and integration blueprint layers. the Blueprint service includes assessments and insights based on PersonifiSolution’s comprehensive experience.

Digital Assessments

Communication and organizational change management are vital to providing assessments. It’s important that assessments are performed in a way that people understand and accept the value.

We provide a visual language that helps communicate the outcomes and shows the value and associated opportunities. We urge our clients to include leadership, stakeholders, team members, and business units in the evaluation process. Our interviews are carefully scripted to gather the right information in the right way.

IT Development

We know IT and we know how to help IT leaders and team members enable digital success. The business of running IT is as important as implementing and supporting initiatives and day-to-day operations. We also understand the new demands placed on IT and how they need to prepare for the changes ahead.

For example, we can provide insights into ITSM optimization, governance frameworks, Enterprise Architecture, PMO, IT financial development, etc. We can also help in identifying resources needed and professional development requirements.