Digital Strategy

We deliver digital strategy development, solution architecture, product and vendor selection, contract negotiation, and implementation consulting support.

45% greater success rate on technology efforts when you start by understanding your Customer Journey and then defining a Digital Roadmap.

3DI™ – Start with our unique 3-step approach to a successful Digital Initiative.

Digital Business Roadmap (DBR™) – our service combines business objectives with a digital strategy in an easily consumable format ready for execution.

The Customer Experience Journey Map – every digital strategy must be customer-centric. Customers determine your value. This process ensures a thorough understanding of your customers and ensures that it aligns with your Digital Business Roadmap.

Digital Solution Journey Guide – is a comprehensive guidebook or “playbook” to a successful digital business strategy implementation.

Using 3DI as the starting point, we offer these supporting services –

  • CRM planning
  • Data platform development, integration, and monetization
  • Data Analytics Business Applications
  • Digital Marketing and Sales integration
  • AI and Machine Learning adoption
  • Applied Analytics for Sales and Marketing performance
  • Customer Engagement Solutions
  • Patient Engagement

Digital Strategy Development

Is it time to stand back and take a fresh look from a customer perspective? Performing a Customer Experience Journey Map and aligning that with a digital assessment allows you to optimize your current solutions, retire ones that are underperforming, and implement more effective and up-to-date digital architecture to ultimately enhance your overall customer experience.

Customer Engagement Enhancement – Having a complete view of your customer’s experience and how they engage with your company. This is critical when implementing tools like CRM applications.

Other Services

  • Public Speaking
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Vendor selection
  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • EA Blueprinting and Process Mapping
  • vCIO/vCTO
  • Data Activation